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Welcome To Eona Farms

150 years and five generations of the Beamer Family providing sustainable farming in Southwest Virginia


Grass Fed Black Angus Beef

USDA inspected

Grass fed and finished

From our farm to your table

Hillsville VA


Our cattle spend the duration of their life on our 200 acres of pasture, routinely moving to fresh grass. Their fresh water is piped to water troughs so that the cattle always have clean water where they are and do not contaminate the streams. This sustainable method of raising cattle is best for the animal, the environment and the consumer. The waterways are fenced off to prevent water pollution from the cattle. The consumer benefits from superior beef that is properly aged in cold storage for at least two weeks.

Our Story

Our farm is located in the community of Eona, Virginia. Google maps still recognizes Eona; although the Eona post office does not exist anymore.  A century ago the community of Eona consisted of a school, two churches, a gristmill, a general store, a post office, two cemeteries

 and several farms. This community was incorporated into the town of Hillsville.

 We have been raising cattle the same way since then. Grass fed, grass finished  with no added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. That is five generations of the Beamer Family raising beef cattle in the same way at the same place. Our address is now Hillsville, Virginia and we love our land and our animals.  We'd love to share our beef with you and your family.

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